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SACOMA CEO Perez Ochieng is  Top Most Talented Entrepreneur in Africa selected by HRH The Duke of York KG, HE Olusegun Obasanjo and Mr Aliko Dangote (Africa’s most successful Entrepreneur) in their African Entrepreneurship Programme (AEP) designed to develop the African private sector and stimulate innovation and technology throughout the continent. Also winner for Global Women Inventors and Innovator for capability building communities.

At SACOMA, we have unwaveringly displayed a passion for working with small holder farmers, branding and packaging products for markets. We provide nad are constantly looking atew strtaegies for market entries and improved quality products for the helath comcious consumers and ensuring improved incomes for the producers.  Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Professional Development Courses (CPD) and Training for the workforce, business development and support services by investing in people, places and partnership. Since 1998, the SACOMA ambition has been to pursue excellence and deliver opportunities for all sizes of businesses, individuals and Governments.  Our comprehensive range of services help businesses to manage risk, do better business and meet their obligations to Accelerate  Growth and Manufacturing Advisory Services (MAS) as part of the Business Growth Service for our supply chains and as we increase our product range creating more jobs and enterprises in Africa.
Our main products as sweet potatoes and kidney beans that organically grown for the health conscious consumer markets.

We also share our expertise and experiences to support other African agri-businesses. Over the 15 years we have become  Specialists in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Leadership, Agriculture Project Management, Product Development and Branding, Access to Markets, PR, Business  Development . SACOMA Services  strengthens business in all sectors with a special focus on agri-business, Agriculture Innovation & Business Incubation. We have proven track record in Agriculture Project Management, developing Agro-processing food parks, Approved Government Export Warehouse together with Training on Leadership and Entrepreneurship for agri-business Globalisation Strategy.

We  provide linkages for smallholder farmers and SMEs to formal and informal markets and financial source to combat the negative impacts of the supply and production chain on people and the environment. BDS, Trade Partnerships, EPA awareness, Export preparation, Trade missions, access to markets and Bilateral Trade, Investment Initiatives have been delivered institutions in the UK/EU, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Zambia. Mission is to increase access to markets and  trade, practising and promoting approaches to trade that help small business and  people in developing countries transform their lives through profitable Global trade.  We are centre for Excellence for SFEDI and accredited centre for OCR and EDI

We  provide:
     Business Development Services (BDS)
     Business Growth Accelerator Services
     Manufacturing Advisory Services (MAS)
     Business Planning
     Training on Leadership & Entrepreneurship
     Agriculture Project Management Services
     Marketing and Moving products through the global supply chain
     Product Development , Branding and Access to Technology
     Produce supply Bulk Management and Food Standards
     Training on Value Addition and Product Quality Management and Controls
     Marketing, Profile Raising (PR), Access to Finance & Access to Markets
     Managing crops and Mobilising farmers and Groups
     ICT training and Support services
     Business Innovation and Incubation Centres
     Access to market and Finance
     Linkages, Conferences and Events

To SMEs  in the EU and EU Africa  and Enterprises and cooperatives  in 8 countries. We help them build capacity, develop infrastructure, overcome market barriers, develop new brands and products adapt to the challenges of climate change and improve product quality - creating resilience and adding value to their business.

Together with our partners and Knowledge Transfer Partners (KTP) we have Programmes to supports businesses in the UK and EU and agribusiness  in developing countries to organise, improve quality and grow their businesses. Linking with specialist Universities and Training Institutions in the UK/EU and Africa
We are Specialists in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Leadership, Agriculture Project Management, Product Development and Branding, Access to Markets, PR, Business  Development , Works to strengthen agri-business, Agriculture Innovation & Business Incubation, Small business and Entrepreneurship Support and Business Development Services
We also provide Micro-Finance for affordable housing and small  scae trade for  people living inrural areas or  urban slums and informal settlements to start and build their business capacity and earn sustainable livelihoods or secure tenure. We also engage policy makers in order to influence decision making in policy formulation processes

We provide specialist  business support services and centres for Innovation and Creativity  for women.  It has become increasingly essential to demonstrate women's abilities as great problem solvers, their ability to invent practical common sense and commercially viable products and their more than capable contribution to economic and social growth.

SACOMA Business incubation and Innovation centres for women assist and provide support for women Kenya by providing relevant business support services and projects that ensure that women gain accessibility to fundamental information and knowledge in order to put innovation at the centre of their business strategies for delivering better products and services.

SACOMA has played a key role in starting innovative new businesses in the community. Together with our associated partners in the UK and Africa both in the private, public and voluntary sectors, we have track record of working with this community for over 12 years.  And have been at the forefront of many regeneration initiatives in the UK as well as International Development initiatives of poverty reduction, Trade and investment. In England, Sacoma also works with Government Departments and NGOs to deliver a range of advisory and social support services. 

We have  made significant progress encouraging entrepreneurship; especially among the many young men and women who have tremendous potential but lack access to resources.

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Organisations/Entities which have strategic partnership with SACOMA include Lonodn Development Agency (LDA), Learning and Skills Council (LSC); Job Centre Plus (JCP); Business Link in London, Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA); Local Labour Schemes in the 5 Olympic London Boroughs, Job Nets; London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG); Greater London Authority (GLA), Sector Skills Council, funding Skills Council (FSA) Skills and other Sector Skills Councils, Central Government, CSP (City Strategy Pathfinders) and other Regional Development Agencies.

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