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Since 2006, I have been  engaged with delivering educational programmes on a number of subjects, including: Entrepreneurial Finance, Finding Funding for a Business, International Business Development, Developing Strategic Customers, Psychology of the Entrepreneur, Leadership, Business Creation and Start Up, Regional Economic Development, Business Incubation, Technology Transfer and Science Parks, Clusters: Characteristics and requirements, Diversity and Cultural aspects of Business Development and Innovation

We have trained SMEs and large companies as well African Governments (Investors in People (Leadership), Investment Readiness/Access to Finance and many more. We advise and teach the executive teams of companies and Organisations in the Agriculture  sector on Business Modelling and Business Planning and on Strategy Development - including Branding, Packaging and Strategies for Going International:-Exploring New Markets-Building a Global Business-How to profit from-Innovation-Executive Networking.

We have delivered Global Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership Programmes with Universities.

SACOMA Global is a company promoting exportation and  access to Market for Kenya and African unique agriculture process into UK/EU and other international markets, Catalysing Entrepreneurship in Rural Communities;  and in particular has led the innovation and entry of the Kenya sweet potatoes commercialisation into new markets, adding value and using agriculture innovation and entrepreneurship to respond to skills challenges and technology needs for African smaller holder farmers. We support farmers groups and cooperatives and build their capacity to produce all year round, conform to internationally recognised food and safety standards such as Global GAP, HACCP; assuring customers of quality, traceability, reliability and service.
As agricultural goods progress from field to fork they require attention, tracking, integrity and a place for innovation, knowledge and enterprise. We offer an end-to-end supply chain range of services that reduce risk, ensure quality and improve productivity. We take great care in supplier quality assurance and establishing systems to comply with international standard. for the first time in the region will also set mechanisms to ‘Carbon footprint’ each and every fruit, vegetable and every flower produced by our cluster of selected farmers first and then expand process to through knowledge transfers programs

We help ensure the integrity of the Kenyan food chains into UK/EU as well as Domestic and Regional Trade Blocs: Managing crops and Mobilising small holder farmers and Groups, providing in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Agriculture Project Management, Product Development and Branding, Access to Markets, PR, Business Development , Agriculture Innovation and strengthening agri-businesses.

In addition a number of training presentations for small scale farmers will include:
  • The Safe use of pesticides
  • IPM (Integrated Pest Management)
  • G.A.P. for food safety
  • Conducting Farm Audits
  • Post-harvest management
The SACOMA business model will encourage entrepreneurship within the farming community and for agri business professionals to look at setting up private limited companies owned by the community in various agri-business value chain roles; such as production, processing, packaging, transportation, among many others. Each individual farmer or farmer group will be assigned a specific role within the company. Apart from its commercial focuses SACOMA also looks at infusing knowledge and dignity to the vocation of farming through an Entrepreneurship centre that will facilitate a multitude of services to the surrounding rural farming communities.

Ultimate aim is to develop a carbon neutral product range, where we will offset the carbon footprint of the products by introducing renewable energy to the farmer family homes such as Solar lighting and cooking. We have ambitions to produce a fully certified organic product range within three years.

We  provide linkages for smallholder farmers and SMEs to formal and informal markets and financial source to combat the negative impacts of the supply and production chain on people and the environment. BDS, Trade Partnerships, EPA awareness, Export preparation, Trade missions, access to markets and Bilateral Trade, Investment Initiatives have been delivered institutions in the UK/EU, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Zambia. Mission is to increase access to markets and  trade, practising and promoting approaches to trade that help small business and  people in developing countries transform their lives through profitable Global trade.  
Sacoma Team

About Kachere Development Programme

Kachere, a name derived from the Savanna fig is a very significant tree in the history of the Anglican Church in Eastern Zambia. Therefore Kachere Development Programme is the official Social Development arm of the Anglican Diocese of Eastern Zambia. Its mandate and jurisdiction is confined to the Eastern Province of Zambia in all the ten districts which are predominantly a farming community.

It is a faith based Non-Governmental Organisation operating under the semi-autonomy arrangement with its own Board of Trustees and daily managed by the Programme Implementation Management Team headed by the Rev Dennis Milanzi as the Director. The Bishop of the Diocese who is the custodian of the Social Development wing of the Programme is the Patron of the Kachere Development Programme.

The organisation has a successful track record of implementing integrated health and development projects and programs and has been a recipient of the Investing in the Future and Drivers of Change Civil Society Award under the auspices of the Southern Africa Trust in partnership with the Mail & Guardian Newspaper.

Kachere’s work is predominantly targeting rural communities’ especially vulnerable farmers, orphans and vulnerable children, people living with HIV and also promoting economic livelihood, mitigating gender based violence, harmful cultural practices and strengthening women empowerment activities through cost effective agriculture and climate change mitigation.

The organisation breaks barriers that hinder women to unleash their potential through the self-help group approach and community based ownership which enhances long term transformation.

Kachere’s approach to its social ministry is propagated through its motto of ‘Grassroots development through Innovations’.

(Building Understanding through International Links for Development)

is a coalition of international organisations committed to the development of partnerships between communities (towns, local authorities, health care institutions, schools, faith, youth and cultural groups in UK with counterparts in the Global South). In addition as a Commonwealth accredited organisation BUILD works through Commonwealth institutions to promote community based partnerships across the Commonwealth.

In particular BUILD works with the UK Government through the all-party parliamentary group “Connecting Communities” and attends the Commonwealth People’s Forums prior to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings.
Led by the Director Nick Maurice.


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