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Produce new jobs, support the local communities by investing in agricultural land’ says Perez Ochieng, Director SACOMA Fresh markets for small holder farmers.

Reclaiming dormant land which is under intensive productivity and cleansing more land and make it arable and productive for small holder farmers.
Saturday  20th july 2013
The allan higgs Centre
Allard Way, B
inley coventy, CV3 1HW


The event that was attended by the Kenya high commissioner to UK, H. E.phraim Ngare . Bringing together different regional community networks on one platform plus the outgoing Kenya High Commissioner & his team. Kenyans from as far as  Scotland, Bedford, Nottingham, Berkshire, Oxford, London, Manchester & many others joined the event.

The high commissioner addressed the Kenyans highlighted the new key government institutions and key pillars. Among the key pillars are the fight of corruption, a slim government, fight unemployment and poverty, employment of Youth and women and creation of jobs through vale adding e.g.  in hide and skins, Tea, coffee, agricultural products etc.

During the event , The he also highlighted the issue of food security and investment in agricultural sector, irrigation, Education and ICT laboratories in primary schools, water and electricity, ICT cafes in Public schools, .

He also reminded the Kenyans that the economic rating for Kenya at at rated at B and as such Kenya was like the locomotive of the East African region. Also present and addressing the event was the deputy high commissioner ambassador Jackline Yonga, the Kenyan Immigration attaché.

Speaking at the event Perez Ochieng, CEO/Director of SACOMA remanded kenyans in the Diaspora of their duty to help in the alleviation of poverty in the country of Kenya through setting enterprises and creating jobs Drawing from the wealth of skills and knowledge acquired in the UK and Europe.  Perez stressed the importance of investing in agricultural land . Reclaiming dormant land which is under intensive productivity and cleansing more land and make it arable and focusing the Diaspora investing in projects as new irrigation systems, access roads, storage facilities, crushing systems (sunflower oils, biodiesel and cattle feed, animal feeds, nuts) etc. We simply want to get more of our land into production’ said Mrs Ochieng.

“The land can be used for vegetables for export, and other traditional Kenya vegetables that have become demanded in the UK by the indigenous Kenyans in the Diaspora SACOMA that trades for it Stand at the new  markets imports and sells wholesale fresh fruit and vegetables from all over the World.

Young Kenyans saying ‘we support small holder farmers from Kenya’

Perez stressed further the opportunities that exist in agricultural Sector in particular with SACOMA to help in the production of fresh produce for both export  and local consumption such as  growing crops, wheat, soy, sunflower, barley, sorghum, arrow roots, maize, beans  etc.

Since the launching the SACOMA market at the new spatafels, SACOm ahas contibied corporation with the Kenya high commission and the rkenya loca  authorities such the Govornors. Jus  tow eeks ago the goveonoy ot Keitinahad Conty , mr Josehp Ndathi visited the Sacoma maket in abit to find out what could be sold into the SAOCm market for kirinyanga county.

During the event Ndum a(arrow roots form Kirinyagsw) wewr wmrkrted to the Kays following a recent mobilization of eth famrers . ‘

SACOMa has created opportunity at the new spitafeds market to market the fresh produce purchase from the small holder farmers. The produce form kenmya is packed locally and produces new jobs, support the local communities and hels towards sustainable livelihoods for the small holder Farmers and fierce fight to eradicate poverty.

In the Uk sacoma alos helpi to create jobs in Distribution, Healthy living, training in food helath and safety, setting up of retail business , cottage industries.

In fither supporting the farmers sacoma creates Furtehr value in the horticulture by developieng valu addition products such as froxen sweet poatatoes, Spiced asweep pottaeos and ven dried vegetables

HE Ephraim ngare looking at the Nduma form kenya

Happy Kenyans in coventry, having shoped for the bags of Nduma (arrw roots) form Kenya

Young kenyan in covennty admiring the kanyan produce

On Sat the 20th of July @ 4pm, the gathering of all gatherings will take place in Coventry UK.

High Commission launcing sacoma amrkert

Govornor of kirinyaga in sacoma market


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