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Mrs Perez Ochieng of SACOMA is in KUWAIT


Mrs Perez Ochieng in Kuwait chamber of commerce at a symposium ahead of the Africa Arab summit, to provide opportunities to industries and institutions to share their experience of Africa with prominent attendees of the Arab summit as well as the international business community in subject of invest in Africa (and in particular  agriculture food processing).

Mrs Ochieng will b highlighting the fact that sub-Saharan Africa is seen as a difficult region to do business but on the contrary there are several countries in sub-Saharan Africa where the risk of doing business are actually much lower than in comparable parts of the world. Sub-Sahara Africa is not a single monolithic country, but a heterogeneous continent comprised of 47 very different countries which all have unique and attractive prospects to offer to businesses. Mrs Ochieng said that ‘Africa is arguable the one location where true investment ‘fast mover advantages’ can still be found – with commensurately high profits to be earned. And they can be found across a number of different sectors and in varying scales’’. Mrs Ochieng  was presenting opportunities in agro processing parks in Kenya.
Over 70 delegations from countries and international organisations are expected to attend the two-day summit, including more than 30 heads of state.

Kuwait’s endeavour to host the Arab-African summit is based on its strong belief  in the importance of deepening cooperation and bridging the communication gap between the Arab and African countries
The Summit, organised under the theme "Partners in Development and Investment," will focus on the role of economic cooperation for sustainable development as well as discuss the activity report of the African Union Commission and the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States.

With a strong focus on economic growth, this year's summit was preceded by the Africa-Arab Economic Conference which brought together leaders in the private and public sector from both regions.
The conference discussed investment and agriculture and called for the implementation of joint free trade zones, investments in infrastructure and the elimination of trade barriers.

Putting words into action, Rwanda and Kuwait signed a USD 12 million loan agreement with Kuwait Fund for Arabic Economic Development for Munini Hospital.

The summit will take place on the 19th and 20th of November and is the first to be held outside of Africa.
The Third Arab-African Summit is slated for Nov. 19-20 in Kuwait City, Kuwait with the expected participation of 70 Arab and African leaders and representatives.

The two-day summit, themed "Partners in Development and Investment," aims to find ways to boost cooperation in development and investment ties between Arab and African countries, as well as establish a genuine strategic partnership.

The first and second were successfully held in Egypt and Libya in 1977 and 2010 respectively with the attendance of more than 60 Heads of States from both Africa and Arab countries.

Despite the ongoing political crisis in Libya, the President of the General National Congress (GNC), Nuri Abu Sahmain, flew to Kuwait today to attend the 3rd Africa-Arab Summit. He was accompanied by the Foreign Minister, Mohamed Abdulaziz and Congressman Ibrahim Sahed. They were received at Kuwait airport tonight by the Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

Among other heads of state already arrived are President Paul Kagame of Rwnada,  Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza, president Mugabe


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