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ABOUT SACOMA  Established in 1998 to provide Business Development Services, Entrepreneurship/Leadership/Management, Acredited Courses and Training  skills support, Technology   and access to markets and Finance and linkages to Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) . We promote export and access to markets for small-holder farmers produce from Kenya and East Africa to UK/EU and regional Markets. We Develope product Brand and Market them. SACOMA Works to strengthen agri-businesees, farmers and farmer co-operatives agricultural and SMESs and helps them organize into business groups to access Technology, inputs and finance and Innovation. Facilitate transactions with buyers, and improve their bargaining power. Through our warehousing systems we do crop processing, aggregation and marketing.  We build a business model and broader enabling environment that will continue creating value long into the future. Registered Office: 108 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 4LZ, UK  and operations in Kenya, Pier Road, Kendu Bay; Promoting agribusiness, and private sector development through agritourism, export promotion, warehouse receipt systems. This 2015 EXPO builds upon previous work of SACOMA promoting access to UK/EU markets for Kenya produce and also on the recommendations made at the Sweet potatoes and Coffee agritourism investment seminar Expo held in London in December 2014 supported by the Kericho County Government.

ABOUT EAGC The Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) is a membership based organization for the grain value chain stakeholders whose mandate is to develop, influence and promote structured trading systems to increase grain trade flows at national and regional markets in order to optimize benefits to value chain players. EAGC has been developing and promoting Structured Trade in Grains which include harmonization of grades and standards, post-harvest handling and management, warehouse receipt system (WRS) and facilitating trade and market linkages.

Agriculture Sector is the mainstay of the economy. As of 2013, the sector contributes 25% to GDP directly, forms 65% of Kenya's total exports and provides 18% of formal employment. Agricultural sector is not only the driver of Kenya's economy but also the means of livelihood for the majority of Kenyan people.
Agriculture remains the mainstay of Eastern Africa’s economy providing: 32% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP); 80% employment of the labour force; 65% of foreign exchange earnings and contributes more than; 50% of raw materials contributed to the region’s industrial sector.
Trade in agricultural products remains significant in the region with: 50% of household needs and income; 31 % of the total region’s agricultural imports


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