Grains and Agri-Business Expo 2015 - THE AIM OF THIS EXPO

  1. Exhibit and expose all sorts of Grains and Cereals products from Kenya and EAC,  readily available for trade with the UK/EU Markets.
  2. Address major global challenges such as limited agri-cultural land and resource scarcity, infrastructures and biodiversity, pressures of a changing climate, innovation in production and post harvest handling technology, health and nutrition and consumer needs
  3. Highlight the investment opportunities that exists  in agriculture and food Grains security,  Technologies,  water management system/technologies, farming, storage, value addition, packaging , Quality Assurance and Food Safety, Distribution/Logistic/Marketing, Training and Capacity Building, Financing  the Grain value chain (producers, traders and processors), market infrastructure and support institutions, Market Information Systems(MIS), Access to Markets and Machineries, Post Harvest Technologies, WFP.
  4. Learn more about the DEFRA guidance  for importing plant products into the UK and EU. Standards for food Health & Safety, Labelling and packing for importing processed foods into the UK/EU markets
  5. Plus from the Food Safety and Quality Management stream: -Food Hygiene, HACCP Principles, Supplier Quality Assurance, Traceability, Establishing systems to comply with international standards,  Marketing
  6. Understand the opportunities and risks  regional/international Export/Import Financing and Warehouse Receipt Systems (WRS) Financing
  7. Opportunity to: •Make Business Contacts, establish linkages and explore business opportunities for products and services •Showcase products and/or services, Technology and Innovations to a variety of stakeholders                                                                      
  8. Joint venture opportunities for foreign investors seeking local counterparts in Kenya for
  • Processing factories that have been earmarked by the government for privatization.
  • Export-oriented agri-business, and investment in large scale irrigation schemes.
  • Irrigated Agriculture Program for industrial crops
  • Marketing infrastructure – wholesale and export; transportation from farms to markets; cold storage for fresh produce
  • Development of Multipurpose dams
  • Value addition processing

The Expo will aim  at attracting a diversified audience made up of buyers, machinery suppliers, processors, consumers, researchers and academia, industry representatives,  legislators, and stakeholders in general. The Buying Committees, composed of well-known buyers worldwide, will shape up a rich and interesting program and the Expo/conference will be a wide and interesting forum on all.

The event also takes pride in focusing the allied industries like packaging labelling and transportation.
This event is an exciting initiative by the organizers to be part of and gives space to a large number of exhibitors to highlight their products


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