SACOMA-UK Online Centres

UK online centres help people make the most of computers and the internet
SACOMA is supporting people into rewarding and sustainable online activities and learning

We provide a network of community internet access points with free or low-cost access to the internet:
  • Help and advice offering essential support and learning,
  • New employability skills which they
  • Offer more rounded support to help them become confident internet users of the internet and
  • Skills to use online government services and in particular the support to use government websites.
  • Support to use digital skills to progress into further learning or employment
Today’s digital divide

As more and more people get online, those who remain offline fall further behind the rest of society.
The severity of their exclusion will deepen as both public and private sectors move the greatest savings in time and money online, to reap their own savings on time and money. The situation is likely to be exacerbated as more jobs are advertised online and more positions in the job market require some level of ICT skill.

Our increasing reliance on ICT – in public, economic and social life – is that the digitally excluded, by default, also become excluded from public services, modern working life and society itself.

We promise to get you online.

Whatever your level, whatever your interest. There are a range of courses to suit you
We’ll help you get online
Training and support staff are available at the centre at all times to each of our.
  • You will be able to receive a free, easy-to-use myguide email account and gain access to use all the courses and Skills checkpoints.
  • You will be guided on which courses to take based on individual circumstances and your goal.
  • Those seeking employment will be helped to basic computer and internet skills and other courses.
  • Users without It skills will be guided and supported to complete the basic ICT skills to enable them to progress into other online courses seamlessly.
The centre staff has been trained to support and guide user to  meet the requirements of those people who are new to the internet, equipping you with the skills and confidence they need to become competent internet users.

SACOMA UK online centres Quality Promise
  • Friendly welcome
  • Help and support to use computers and the internet
  • Free or low cost internet access
  • Guidance on how to find and use public services online
  • Advice on what you might do next
  • Safe place to learn
  • Fair treatment and respect
Centre staff are also qualified assessors and are qualified to asses the level of skills of learners to help them start at appropriate level of courses.


Our courses are designed to help you to learn about computers and the internet. They can take you on a journey from absolute beginner to confident IT user, or you can dip in and out according to what subjects you're interested in and how much experience you have. The courses are free to use, there are no exams and no set timetables.
All you need to do to take a course, is go to:

Download My Guide Registration & Online Basic Startup

Login in with 

Centre ID: 3421212

Or visit our centre at 108 Cranbrook road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 4LZ where we’ll get you started with computers and the internet, including information on the great courses we offer.

Further Support will be given to users to register onto other online course in myguide.

Online basics prepare users for the future to:
  • use of ICT in everyday life
  • safe practice and security
  • appropriate sources of information
  • using ICT to communicate
Sustainable and enjoyable training and support within a framework to enable digitally and socially excluded people to:
  • find out about the benefits of using the internet
  • increase confidence
  • develop ICT and internet skills
  • use online government services
Progress onto further learning or employment related activities where appropriate


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