Trade Mission

African Women Entrepreneur Associations to visit UK

12 women from Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda representing women entrepreneur associations flew into London  UK  for a week of exposure to UK women and business organizations, trade missions and trade partners.

Together the delegation of 12 participants represents over 10,000 SME in the
Eastern Africa Region (Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia).

Their services cover a range of public-private business development in sectors from Services, Export/Import, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Mining/Minerals, Artisans, Creative Industries, Tourism & Leisure, Textiles, Telecommunications and Information Technology. 

The six Ethiopian companies are now specialized in producing various items from hand woven fabrics.
By partnering with other organizations and companies in UK who are working in complementary areas and leveraging each other's resources, they are able to bring a comprehensive set of services to women entrepreneurs and supply UK partners with excellent products.

Tanzania Women entrepreneurs excel in the area of mining, mineral, gemstones food processing and has a wide variety of plants, flowers, fruits, spices vegetables

SACOMA planned a host of activities to  provide a great networking opportunity
part for promoting  and building partnerships with other women entrepreneurs who provide a great potential for partnership opportunities.The delegation represent a total membership of over 40,000 women businesses in the East African Region

The visit has provided opportunity for developing partnership as well as exposure to the women leaders who provide and support the associations to work with women entrepreneurs  to create wealth and support the development in their African countries through sustainable enterprise. 

The women are clear that foreign aid will not solve poverty in their countries. Entrepreneurship will.
The delegation of Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania women's entrepreneurs associations wewre represemtaed by the following Leaders:
  • DINA PAULINE BINA (MRS) Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC) Proprietor and Manging Director Dina Flowers Company Limited & Chairperson
  • LILLIADE PAUL MBANGA (MRS) Business Development Officer, Small Industries Development Organisation
  • Ofong Pauline Roselind  member of Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association and  Chairperson on the Women Investment Club (SACCO)
  • Maria Lubega is a member of the Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Ltd
  • PATRICIA M BABUKIIKA. UWEAL, Board Member of Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association UWEAL
Ethiopia Delegation consisted of
  • ENGEDAYE ESHETE MEKURIA – Ethiopian Women Entrepreneurs Association – Vice President -  Passport Number – EP
  • YARED FEKADE MANDEFRO   - Board Member, Center for African Women Economic Empowerment (CAWEE)
  • Martha Getachew Abegaz  – Women Entrepreneurs Group – Vice President - Passport Number – EP02455939 - ( valid until May 05, 2011 and will be renewed)
  • NIGEST HAILE GOSHU – Center for African Women Economic Empowerment (CAWEE)  -  Founder and Executive Director  -

While in the UK, the women have developed corporate partnership as well as learnt how the members of the successful UK business support organization provides enterprise support to their women members to start and grow businesses which contribute an additional financial resources  to the UK economy.

SACOMA is the UK hosting the delegation from 27th February to 5th March 2011



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