Agri-Business support for Small holder Farmers


Our aim is to help small scale farmers, especially women, to increase their earnings by supporting them in 4 specific areas
  • Training on Supply Chain Development to improve growers' knowledge and skills.
  • Training on modern agriculture to boost their production and quality
  • Co-ordination to secure the benefits of economies of scale.
  • Financial support ( working with local Micro-finance initiatives)
  • Export preparation and getting produce ready for the UK/EU Market.
  • Sales and Marketing skills
  • Development and capacity building of Farmer Cooperatives

The SACOMA agri Business Programmes builds on existing global & African initiatives, like the New Vision for Agriculture (presented at the WEF), NEPAD’s Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP); or the African Agribusiness and Agro-industries Development initiative (3ADI), signed in Abuja in March 2010, by fostering public-private sector partnerships and increased private sector investment on agribusiness development in Africa.

For several years SACOMA focused on business development and Workforce training in the UK and development programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our long term objective, however, has always been to support community livelihoods and smallholder farmers in Africa to access markets in collaboration with local producers and international buyers.

This mutual benefit approach will deliver excellent performance to our investors and contribute sustainably to poverty eradication and food security in sub-Saharan Africa. With operations in Kenya and Uganda, SACOMA co-ordinates, promotes, develops and offers technical services to all communities, organisations and individuals engaged in agriculture and small scale farmer development.

We provide market linkages to growers and helps create institutions to strengthen marketing and value addition to primary produce, as well as providing training, know-how and managerial inputs for setting up and managing agribusiness clinics and rural service centres.

  • Promotion of Agro-Eco Tourism
  • Provision of readymade market for small scale farmers by processing their produce into finished products (and sharing the realized profit with them
  • To promote justice in international trade.
  • To promote and engage in direct trade with small farmer’s organizations, manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of goods and services in developing countries
  • To promote Local, Regional and International Trade
  • To mobilize innovation towards industrialization in Africa
  • To stimulate knowledge sharing and capacity development
A large number of small-scale farmers are growing organic vegetables but lack guaranteed markets for their produce. The project entails the setting up processing plants that would source produce from existing farmers or grow own inputs.

Through our ethical trading we aim to take advantage of a growing appetite for both ethical investment and fair-trade products.

The humanitarian projects are Kabondo Sweet Potato project and Kabondo Fruit Juice project.  Both are located in Kenya and are carried out under a programme known as Organic Village or Centre, which SACOMA and its partners use to facilitate various aspects of Agri-Business Entrepreneurship resulting in the following five (5) strands referred to as focus areas:

  1. Trading-Agricultural Products and Organic Agriculture;
  2. Setting up of the Entrepreneurship Centre in Kenya;
  3. Integrated Organic Supply Village;
  4. Carbon Sequestration and Trading; and
  5. Alternative Energy

The outline below demonstrates that Kabondo Sweet Potato Project and the Fruit Juice Manufacturing Project train and equip smallholder farmers and juice manufacturers in all areas of farming and production processes, respectively, as well as developing the workforce in management skills.

Training session as wel as Tot For the small holder growers on Groung nuts, Cassava, Chillies, Groung nuts in the Kendu Bay, Homa Bay county

Ginger methods Participants in training in Kendu Bay
Sacoma nursey bed preparation at onenon Ground Nut methods training
Compost chart  


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