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Global Sustainability Institute (GSI)

Working in partnership with SACOMA to deliver Short Courses in Capacity Building, Leadership, Sustainability and Entrepreneurialism in Homa Bay County, Kenya

Short courses in Capacity Building, Leadership, Sustainability and Entrepreneurialism in the County of Homa Bay, Kenya. Courses will (i) build capacity for the local governments to deliver sustainability and entrepreneurialism compatible policies (ii) directly build sustainable entrepreneurialism capacity. Courses will draw on the expertise within Anglia Ruskin, and our associated SACOMA to deliver customised short courses that meet specific local educational requirements.

Putting education at the heart of co-operation and co-operation at the heart of education
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Sarah Alfred, International Programmes Manager, Ccoperatice college: Perez Ochieng, CEO, SACOMA; Dr Linda Shaw, Vice Principle-Research and International, Cooperative college
cooperative College, Manchester, UK Partnering with sacoma to deliver cooperative education programme in Kenya HOMA Bay county.  The cooperative education programme us designed to meet a range of learning needs and suitable for both for new and experienced cooperative members, managers and employees. The cooperative will also work with sacoma to develop a toolkit for transport cooperative

Partnership with Greenwich Univeversity (Natural Resources Institute)
Dr Debbie Rees
Reader in Plant Physiology and Associate of the Produce Quality Centre
Food and Markets Department
Natural Resources Institute
University of Greenwich
Medway Campus, Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime, Kent, ME4 4TB, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1634 883522 | Fax: +44 (0) 1634 883998 | Mobile: 07952 875835 | Skype:


Reaching the full potential of sweet potatoes in East Africa

Extending shelf-life
Improving market value and shelf-life by reducing postharvest transport loses investigating wound healing

Improving farmers incomes and market access through extending the storage life
Dr Debbie Rees
Reader in Plant Physiology and Associate of the Produce Quality Centre
Food and Markets Department
Will work with sacoma project to improve teh shelf life of sweet potatoes.

Reaching the full potential of sweet potatoes in East Africa

Sweet potato is a vital part of many people’s staple diet and livelihood, especially in Africa. The roots are high in carbohydrates and some varieties have significant amounts of pro-vitamin A.  Sweet potato yields more edible energy per hectare per day than wheat, rice or cassava, can grow in poor sandy soil, and is relatively drought tolerant.  Sweet potato however has a short shelf life and is easily susceptible to postharvest losses.  The Natural Resources Institute (NRI) and its partners have investigated several issues relating to improvement of sweet potato keeping qualities: Extending shelf-life

Although sweet potato has many advantages its short shelf-life is a major constraint. In the USA, roots can be kept for up to one year when maintained at 15C, but in tropical environments where refrigerated storage is not economically feasible roots will generally keep for only a few weeks, and when subjected to normal marketing practices, this is reduced to 1-2 weeks. This means that fresh roots can be eaten only for 3 months of the year in most developing countries. Extending shelf-life would allow people to sell and eat fresh sweet potato for a longer period of time, and would make the crop more marketable hence improving incomes of many of the poorest farmers.

The project target group is women-led SMEs in London with an interest in growing their business through internationalisation

Knowledge Dock on our Docklands Campus

What is Make it Global?

The Make It Global project is a £1.5 million funded project that aims to support the internationalisation of women-led small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in London. The project contributes to sustainable global business growth through the realisation of women-led business potential, capabilities and opportunities. The project is funded by the EU, through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Make It Global is led by the University of East London (UEL) and delivered in partnership with the European Business Network (EBN), Newham College of Further Education and Kingston University, and a network of strategic partners. The project offers SMEs the opportunity to benefit from a six-stage package of specialist support which provides access to transnational business networks, experts within the HE/ FE knowledge base and brokered entry to new markets.

To follow the latest news from the project visit our Make It Global Blog & follow us on Twitter #UELMakeItGlobal.

If you are an SME who would like to access support from the project please register your interesthere.

Brilliant Restaurant

(Using famous people and faces in fronting a renewed drive to encourage consumers to make products from Homa Bay a central part of their diet)

We have been fortunate to have a strong background in the Indian Restaurant industry and grown up in and around the food and catering business. Our late grandfather Bishen Dass Anand opened the first ‘Brilliant Restaurant’ in Kenya in the fifties and was known to be the ‘Master of all Chefs’. Up until today our grandfather’s recipes live on and are very much the reason our Restaurant has become synonymous and so successful in the Indian Restaurant trade today. Voted Ramsey’s best restaurant.

The Restaurant represents 150 years of catering experience and expertise

We now bring you our unique high-grade hand-made pickles and chutneys and our 15 spice Garam Masala recipes created by our grandfather, dating back to over 60 years, now in their third generation. All of our products are made in the UK using the freshest and finest natural ingredients, making these pickles and chutneys one of a kind.

We hope you enjoy sharing our products with us and from now on all the products and the production will be done From Homa Bay.
  • Cuisine- North Indian Punjabi Restaurant with a Kenyan slant
  • 250 seat restaurant
  • A banqueting suite for up to 120 guests
  • A licence to hold Civil Marriages (UK’s first restaurant to obtain a licence for this)
  • Specialist Outdoor Caterers for Weddings and events


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