Trainings For Farmers

Trainings  For Farmers, Cooopetaives, Governments And Agri-Businesses

Established in 1998 to provide Business Development Services, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management, Accredited Courses and Training  skills support, Technology   and access to markets and Finance and linkages to Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) . We promote export and access to markets for small-holder farmers produce from Kenya and East Africa to UK/EU and regional Markets. We Develop product Brand and Market them. SACOMA Works to strengthen agri-businesses, farmers and farmer co-operatives agricultural and SMESs and helps them organize into business groups to access Technology, inputs and finance and Innovation. Facilitate transactions with buyers, and improve their bargaining power. Through our warehousing systems we do crop processing, aggregation and marketing.  We build a business model and broader enabling environment that will continue creating value long into the future.

General small holder farmers training Topics covered on production practices
  •      Land preparations (ploughing and harrowing)
  •      Planting
  •      Crop husbandry
  •      Pests and diseases (identification and management including IPM)
  •      Harvesting
  •      Post harvest practices
We provide and facilitate the following services to our network of farmers:
  1. Mechanization – planting, spraying, harvesting, drying
  2. Analysis – soil sampling & recommendations
  3. Risk Management – Insurance
  4. Irrigated agriculture program for industrial crops
  5. Water management technologies for sustainable growing
  6. Finance – Aggregate working capital needs and create links with financial institutions for the provision of low-cost credit through which farmers can access farm inputs (agro-chemicals and seeds), buy farm equipment to boost production, access Letters of Credit, Guarantees, as well as quick cash on their invoices (factoring).  

Post Harvest Handling and Storage Techniques, Food Handling and Health and Safety, Export Preparation, Packaging  and Value addition, Climate Change and Adaptation. Bespoke Courses to be considered for a Continuous professional Development (CPD) include:
  •      Storage, handling and transportation of perishable plant produce
  •      Technology of fruit ripening
  •      Plant pathology for the pack-house
  •      Advances in packaging for fresh horticultural produce
  •      New technologies for quality assessment of fresh horticultural produce
  •      Quality assurance for fresh produce from developing countries
  •      Development of ethical trade systems for the fresh produce sector-
  •      Techniques of sensory evaluation used to assess consumer preferences
 Food Safety and Quality Management:
  •      Food Hygiene
  •      HACCP Principles
  •      Supplier Quality Assurance
  •      Traceability
  •      Establishing systems to comply with international standards
  •      Marketing


We organise trade missions and technology visits for smes and governments


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