Farming programme

SACOMA Farming Programme is managed by a team of highly qualified technical staff and supported by an extensive field team, who are drawn from the local rural communities where we work.

SACOMA works to enable small and medium scale farmers in Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa  uplift their agricultural yields, profits and livelihoods by offering access to quality inputs, Conservation Agriculture services and stable markets. SACOMA’s vision is to become a key catalyst in Africa’s agriculture industry through a focus on achieving excellence for the farmer in every step of the food value chain, from primary production services to marketing.

The team supports farmers with extension services including: agronomic training; planting demonstrations at the start of each crop; field supervision; direction application of sprayed inputs; and technical support. The technical support is provided by our field staff and through linkages with Knowledge Transfer Partnerships with Technical Partners and specialist Universities in Kenya, UK and the EU.

We provide farmers with high quality inputs enabling them to produce high quality produce with the support of our complete managed growing programme. This program complies with all International Traceability, Good Agricultural Practices and Food safety rules..

SACOMA also provide farming services, crop processing and marketing . We have to a network of over 5,000 farmers , collection centres,  aggregation points and Grains Warehouses. Futures contracts are signed with farmers to purchase their crop at pre-season determined prices. To facilitate the farming process and maximize yields, we provide our services.

SACOMA services and contracts are currently available for Beans, Maize, AND Sweet potataoes. However, we are always looking to add crops that can achieve higher yields and prices for our farmers.
After purchase, we grade, process, pack and shipped for export to UK , EU and other countries in the regional EAC Markets . More than 90% of our crop is exported

Due to excess demand for our crops from the export markets, and excess demand from farmers for our services, the company has consistently grown acreage under contract. On behalf of our farmers we purchase the following classes of inputs:

1. Seed
2. Fertilizer
3. Insecticides and Pesticides
4. Packing Materials

Our processing plant, currently situated in Nairobi, is designed to globally recognized vegetable processing standards. It hosts a combination of state-of-the-art equipment supplied by globally recognized suppliers and appropriate labour intensive application to make premium hand arranged products.

Our workforce at the processing plant comprises of greater than 90% women, employed in all cadres and mostly drawn from the surrounding community.

We partner with private sector to produce value added sweet potatoes products for the high end markets in Europe. Products include sweet potatoes tikka with tamarind sauce.

In order to capture full value of our farmers’ crop, we aim to achieve farm-to-retail integration. The more value we can capture the better the prices we can offer for the crop. We provide markets to our farmers for:

1. Sweet Potatoes
2. Beans
3. Maize

Beans are cleaned, hand sorted and packed in 25kg bags.

Maize is cleaned and packed in 90-100 kg bags

Sweet potatoes are harvested cured and stred in our long term storage in bags of 5kgs, 10kgs and 50kgs


The programme,  targets both micro and larger scale farmers and seeks to remove hindrances in agricultural value practice. Kericho Sweet potatoes Warehouse and Food Park and Sweet Potatoes Processing Parkhouse is an integrated food processing facility development in Kericho County, Kenya, the first  in the region. SACOMA is developing the project with Kericho County Government (KCG) , and  Technology,  food processing, distribution and infrastructure partners. (Partners are invited from the energy, manufacturing/processing, financing and other sectors)

The core of the proposal is to establish a central processing centre (CPC) as the first stage of the Food Park, which will provide the infrastructure for processing and the distribution facilities for export, and with local farmers  acting as primary processing centres (PPCs) which will provide the initial grading, sorting and packing for Sweet Potataoes.

Planned  investment to date is $100,000.  SACOMA is already partnering with the KCG  for this first phase (Packhouse and storage facility), and it’s hoped to eventually attract about $1.8m of investment into the county.

The project will bring economic benefits for small-holder farmers in the county and supports rural development, thus aiding the government's vision to promote value addition for local products, in particular food processing, by constructing the necessary facilities and infrastructure. This will help access new markets, REDUE FOOD WASTE (losses currently estimated at 25%), create jobs and improve viability of the small holder farmers. SACOMA  recognised the potential for investment in food processing to reduce this loss and promote agriculture by linking the farmers to the processing . The concept integrates different stages of agriculture, food processing and transport,and also permits shared facilities, such as a quality control laboratory.


SACOMA s WRS and warehouse in Homa Bay, Kenya, reduces post harvest losses by providing for the safe storage of excess grains at harvest time. Safe storage extends the sales season and reduces seasonal price swings . With warehouse receipts, farmers and farmer groups have entered a more formalized trade network which should lead to greater market access, trade and increased regional food security, Storage and Distribution.


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