Manufacturing Advisory Services (mas)

Who we can help

MAS now part of the Business Growth Service is open to any company provided they are engaged in manufacturing regardless of size. You must be a manufacturer based in England to access our support.
We work with small and medium sized manufacturers and can provide grant funding for some projects. Larger companies can use our resources at market rates – we provide support for larger manufacturing companies to develop supply chains, and can assist with sourcing small and medium companies to provide services.

How we define a manufacturer

The definition we use for manufacturing makes a strong distinction between production (the physical processes of making, bending, etc.) and manufacturing (the overarching process of getting raw materials to goods and their associated services). By taking this approach to defining manufacturing it becomes easier to see that although an organisation may choose to outsource its production activities, it remains at heart a manufacturing company.

We can offer funded support to SME manufacturers in England

Your company can call itself an SME if:
  • Less than 250 employees
  • Having an annual turnover of less than €50m or a balance sheet of less than €43m
  • Not part of a group which in itself exceeds one of the criteria above.
State aid

So what are the next steps?

Our service is easy to access you can complete your details online via our review sign-up page or simply call 0300 303 0034. Our manufacturing review and diagnostic are free. If you are still unsure if you qualify for funded support please contact us and we will answer your questions and confirm your eligibility and suitability.

We can also provide you with information on what other support and expertise is available for your business, free advice from the team who know manufacturing and business support!

 First a suitability /eligibility call:
The call will last around 15 minutes and centre around your ambition, capacity/opportunities and barriers to growth, along with your financial projections for the next 2 years. It will also be an opportunity to discuss what the service entails and cover any questions you may have with regards thereto.
Then Completion of online registration portal.
Then meeting with Growth Manager to draft:
Growth Plan and arrange for Coaching assignment


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