Why should I vote?

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Voting is the most important way to make your voice heard on the issues that concern you.

This country is often called ‘the birthplace of democracy’. This means that the UK is often thought of as the first country to attempt to create a free system for self-government.


To keep this democracy, the people of the UK should take a stand, have an opinion, and should vote accordingly.

Decisions are made on your behalf every day, ranging from what is happening in local schools and what recreational facilities you have, to national issues like healthcare and education, to global issues like defence and the environment.

One must vote so that individuals may have their say in the running of the country, and this is one of the ways that as individuals you can contribute to this society.

By voting you're helping to decide who will make decisions on the issues that affect you everyday, whether they're on a local or national level.

The fact is non-voting and disengagement from the BAME communities is evident throughout the UK. Researches consistently suggest that the people least likely to vote in the UK are from communities of black Caribbean and black African heritage. In addition, research has shown that people of black African heritage have one of the lowest levels of registration. Without proactive services these situations are likely to get worse. In order to take these communities a step further in taking active part in the electoral process and have a say through voting, SACOMA is taking the lead in ensuring that migrant refugee and BAME communities participate in this process that affect their lives.
There are some dissenters who project the phrase ‘If you didn’t vote at all, then you have no right to complain’. Is this a fair judgement? Why?

AT SACOMA we are providing information, advice and guidance, conferences and workshops on these issues:

Why vote?

  • What is voting? – an introduction to the electoral system
  • The importance of making your voice heard through the ballot box’
  • How the electoral system differs from the other model.
  • The benefits of the voting system
  • How do you register to vote?
  • Ways to vote - Voting at a polling station, Voting by post, Voting by proxy, other methods of voting
  • Access to the electoral register
  • For more information and how to participate, please call us on 0208 554 9444 or email: voting@sacoma.org.uk

Or visit us at:

108 Cranbrook Road,
Ilford, Essex,

SAHARA COMMUNITIES ABROAD (SACOMA) is a dynamic organization, helping to empower, inform and educate members of the refugee and Black Minority Ethnic communities in the UK. SACOMA is highly regarded for its expertise in provision of Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) and Business support.


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         Why should I vote?

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