Our business support services

This is a small taste of the great potential this brings to small holder farmers products  as part of  the program our business model and initiatives. Our Accelerate Cambridge programmes provides expert advice and mentoring on topics including:
  • Ideation, idea shaping and initial screening
  • Discovering the most promising applications for your knowledge or technology
  • Research and customer development
  • Protecting your intellectual property
  • Developing a compelling customer value proposition
  • Sales and traction
  • Branding and marketing
  • Establishing evidence of genuine customer demand
  • Understanding the competitive landscape
  • Accessing resources within the value chain
  • Building a team
  • Bootstrapping and fundraising
  • Raising financial capital and dealing with investors
  • Designing your business model
  • Pitching your idea and crafting a fundable business plan
We area approved centre of Excellence and accredited training centres for entrepreneurship, leadership  and agriculture innovation. We work an extensive number of Knowledge Transfer Partners (KTPs) Universities in UK, Netherlands and other EU countries who provide technology in food innovations, post harvest, food security, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Professional Development Courses (CPD). We in turn provide accredited Training and Business development and support services by investing in people, places and partnership.

Since 1998, the SACOMA ambition has been to pursue excellence and deliver opportunities for all sizes of businesses, individuals and Governments.  Our comprehensive range of services help businesses to manage risk, do better business and meet their obligations to Accelerate  Growth and Manufacturing Advisory Services (MAS) as part of the Business Growth Service for our supply chains and as we increase our product range creating more jobs and enterprises in Africa.

We share our expertise and experiences to support other African agri-businesses. Over the 20 years we have become  Specialists in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Leadership, Agriculture Project Management, Product Development and Branding, Access to Markets, PR, Business  Development . SACOMA Services  strengthens business in all sectors with a special focus on agri-business, Agriculture Innovation & Business Incubation. We have proven track record in Agriculture Project Management, developing Agro-processing food parks, Approved Government Export Warehouse together with Training on Leadership and Entrepreneurship for agri-business Globalisation Strategy.

We  provide linkages for smallholder farmers and SMEs to formal and informal markets and financial source to combat the negative impacts of the supply and production chain on people and the environment. BDS, Trade Partnerships, EPA awareness, Export preparation, Trade missions, access to markets and Bilateral Trade, Investment Initiatives have been delivered institutions in the UK/EU, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Zambia. Mission is to increase access to markets and  trade, practising and promoting approaches to trade that help small business and  people in developing countries transform their lives through profitable Global trade. 

We  provide:
  • Business Development Services (BDS)
  • Business Growth Accelerator Services
  • Manufacturing Advisory Services (MAS)
  • Business Planning
  • Training on Leadership & Entrepreneurship
  • Agriculture Project Management Services
  • Marketing and Moving products through the global supply chain
  • Product Development , Branding and Access to Technology
  • Produce supply Bulk Management and Food Standards
  • Training on Value Addition and Product Quality Management and Controls
  • Marketing, Profile Raising (PR), Access to Finance & Access to Markets
  • Managing crops and Mobilising farmers and Groups
  • ICT training and Support services
  • Business Innovation and Incubation Centres
  • Access to market and Finance
  • Linkages, Conferences and Events


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